Today was a nice day..  We got up late and read and relaxed, then went to an early dinner with friends, then to the horse races.  I’m not fond of going to the races, but our friends like to go, and we enjoy just talking in between races.  If you’ve never been to them, you spend most of your time waiting for the races, then the race takes maybe a minute, then another twenty minutes of wait time…You have a lot of time to interact with those around you, and people watch.  I love people watching and there are a lot of interesting people who go to the races.

I’m glad we got home when we did, as the fireworks starts as soon as we walked in the door, and Honey was already pacing with her stuffed animal, so Rich took her to the basement, and I’ll be going to get them in a couple of minutes, when I’ve finished typing this, as the fireworks seem to be over.  You never know though, because sometimes our neighbors like to set off firecrackers and their own fireworks whenever the mood hits them.  I’m hoping tonight isn’t one of those times.

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