I wanted to make a video using kid’s supplies, Crayola markers and watercolors.  The first attempt was a big failure, as I tried stamping on patterned paper, and it just looked bad.  My second attempt, with an entirely new stamp and plan, came out much better, but it’s a House Mouse stamp, and the mice are difficult to see, as the colors I used really muted the gray mice.  They almost blend into the sky background, which is kind of odd, as I colored the sky blue.  Those mice need something to make them pop, but so far, I haven’t figured out what that will be.

I’m still happy with the overall idea, as I think a lot of people overlook the inexpensive products that you can buy during “back to school” time.  I spent several hours in the craft room, and just need to come up with a plan for the mice, and the card will be ready to roll.

The other issue is the heat and how it saps energy and the will to do anything but read.  I really have to drag myself away from books, and thoroughly enjoy spending a lot of my free time in our sun room with Honey, reading.  I’ve been enjoying books by Linda Fairstein, who writes criminal prosecution books all based in New York City.  Her characters are entertaining, and if I can get past the legal jargon, i like reading her books.  I lose interest if she covers a lot of legal terms, instead of focusing on her characters.  OK, I’ll admit it.  I have been known to skip pages of books that cover a lot of description, as I prefer when they are talking instead.  (I know it’s horrible, but that’s how I read…_.

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