Today, I went back to our college alma mater and gave a seminar to seniors on interviewing, to prepare them for their practice interviews with me next week.  It’s always fun to see the students and talk to them, as they have so much more ambition than I had at their age, and they seem almost fearless.  Of course there are a lot more students that were eligible to interview with me, but some have chosen not to, and I’m wondering if those are the students who are more timid about their futures like I was at their age.  I think it was good that I chose not to venture to a big city when I graduated from college, as I believe the stress of it would have brought my arthritis on a year earlier than it did.  Doctors told me that stress is a key factor in the onset of rheumatoid arthritis….and key stresses are things like moving, a new job, marriage and new babies.  When Rich and I got married and we moved, within two weeks, I had arthritis….I’m lucky that I was too afraid to venture out on my own…

Back to crafts….I’ve got some good ideas for the art journal.  I’m thinking about stamping on tissue paper, then gluing it into the book and coloring it with some medium once it’s dry…I thought I’d try a big stamp I bought of a woman’s face.  I’ve never tried doing anything like this, but why not?  It’s almost like using a napkin, only I’ll be printing my own image on it…I like the idea and hope that it works.

Then, and this is more urgent…I want to make the purse that holds several note cards that my friend Sherry sent me the template for.  I’ve had it for months, and just haven’t wanted to spend a long time in my hot craft room until it cools down, but we’ve had a small break in the weather and I’m really hoping that I can do the cardboard purse now..


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