We spent the morning going to garage sales where I only bought about twenty empty cd cases for stamp sets.  I wish more people would get rid of their empty cases, as I dread having to buy another hundred new ones…

The afternoon and evening was all about our friend’s daughter’s wedding…Say that three times fast….The weather turned ugly and I mean ugly.  We’d been fretting about this wedding for a few weeks because it’s been so hot here, and it was an outside wedding…No need to worry about the heat, but unfortunately, it was cold and drizzling.  By the time we got to the wedding, the temperature had already dropped to 57 degrees and falling.  It never stopped raining/drizzling the entire time we were there.  It was supposed to be outside, but they moved it under the pavilion that was the site of the reception.  After the ceremony, we went into an old house on the grounds for cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres.   An hour later, we were back to the outdoor pavilion.  Cold? Yes it definitely was.  The women were all dragging sweaters and blazers out of their cars to put over their dresses, and it was still a bone chilling cold.  I’m not sure if they didn’t think it would get that cold, but there were no heaters under the pavilion, so as the sun sank, the temperature inside there dropped to the low 50’s…

We still had a really nice evening, as the couple did their bridal dance,  one of the bride’s nephews, who was nine, brought them their bulldog, and the groom put him in the crook of his arm, and they danced with their dog.  It was really sweet.  Later, the same nephew, and his six year old brother both sang individual songs to the bride…They were so cute and funny, you couldn’t help but laugh at how into the song the older nephew was, with  arm gestures and ending the song on his knees, so adorable…I really wished I had my camera with me to video the song, as I know viewers would have enjoyed watching it as well.

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