I am so dumb.  I have no idea what it requires for someone to be able to read this blog, but clearly, the links I put on YouTube just don’t work.  If one of you can tell me how someone can get into my blog, I would really appreciate it…I feel foolish asking, but when I go to WordPress, it automatically takes me to this page, so it appears that it will do the same for others, but no, that’s not the case.  Drat!

Today I did some practice interviewing at the college Rich and I attended.  It’s always interesting to see the truly quality individuals that are juniors and seniors in accounting,  and today was no exception.  I know I wasn’t as poised or ready for the “real world” as these students…I didn’t want to grow up, so did everything I could to destroy my chances for a real job when I was a senior..(I’m still kind of working on the whole “grown up” idea. )

I’ve made a bunch of videos that Rich needs to upload and will be making a couple more tomorrow.  I promise that he’s going to upload several in the next few days..  OK, at least two.

And the big news is that our new Dollar Tree is opening this Thursday, so I’ll be hanging there and making a video after the big crowds go away in a week or so.

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