For those of us old enough to remember 9/11, this day always brings reminders of the horrors of that day.  We are blessed that we have not seen a re-occurrence of that tragic day.

Unfortunately, my sister lives in Morehead City, North Carolina, where hurricane Florence is supposed to directly hit Thursday morning.  Although they have been preparing for it, my brother-in-law runs a wound care clinic, and they didn’t shut down the clinic until noon yesterday, when mandatory evacuations were announced.  Since they couldn’t get on the road early, I’m not sure what kind of traffic they found when they left their house last night.  They have four cats and two smaller dogs, and I can’t imagine travelling with that many animals in a relatively small car, a Toyata Prius.  We’re crossing our fingers that they will have a home to come back to when this storm is over.

Her son, Mike, who we are very close to, lives inland near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and works in the V.A. Hospital.  He’s decided (since he is single) to ride out the hurricane and it’s aftermath, working.  The hospital is one of the safest spots in the area, so he feels the biggest issue he will have is in trying to get back to his apartment through downed trees and cable lines after the hurricane has hit.

With worrying about my family, I decided I should make a card.  The card is really lovely, but I got a huge ink smudge inside the card and two on the front.  I have no idea how I did it, but I can’t give this card away.  Instead, I think I’ll try to duplicate it and give the second one to my friend (along with the failure), so she understands that we all make terrible mistakes in card making (and I think she’s get a laugh out of the inked card.)

I wish everyone well in the hurricane’s path, and hope you are safe.

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