I got my hair cut today and sometimes the beautician (do they still can themselves that?) gets sidetracked and cuts way too much off…Does that happen to others?  Makes me want to say something to her, but I never do…I wish I was brave enough to ask her to stop, but what do I know about cutting hair? Maybe she keeps cutting because one side is longer than the other and after cutting, she realizes she needs to do a little more to make the side even.. Long story short, my hair is much shorter than this story, haha.

With the hurricane stranded at the edge of the coastline, our barometric pressure is changing, and my joints, being the greatest weather predictors, have decided to let me know that a storm is coming.  How lucky…I could be a weather woman, and probably would be more accurate than the ones that have an education for it…I wonder if any of the more accurate weather people are calling their grandmothers and grandfathers to ask them how their joints are feeling before making a prediction..wouldn’t that be funny?  Who needs a degree when they’ve got someone with bad joints in the family?

So, it’s another day without going into the craft room.  I am definitely going in there tomorrow, but for now, I’m spinning my wheels and watching videos of Lindsay instead.  I could watch her all day and don’t care how old her videos are, or how messy her results.  She gives me small tips that I’ve never heard from anyone else, and I love her for it.  And the best part, is that she distracts me from anything that I’m fretting about, like how my sister’s house is fairing in this storm.  I hope when they return that it’s not been damaged significantly, and I know they did absolutely everything they could to prepare for the storm, with wood on their windows and a bar across the garage door to keep it in place…so I need to keep my eye on the ball, and watch more videos until we know something.  It could be a while before they are able to return to it.


2 thoughts on “9/14/2018

  1. You sure are a special person. The fact that you can make me laugh out loud about your bad joints says a lot about you. My husband is always complaining that the weathermen don’t know their “you know what” from a hole in the ground. I should be calling you!


  2. You should…I’m normally pretty accurate, but this hurricane has really messed with my mojo…by sitting still off the coast, the feeling I normally get before a storm has been lingering for days….makes me mad that my predictions are off.


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