So another day without going in the craft room.  My girlfriend called early, and wanted to know if I wanted to go look at puppies with her at the pound.  We made some side trips and ended up at the Humane Society, where she had seen a pit bull puppy that looked so sad and pathetic, that she thinks she needs to have him.  He hasn’t been neutered yet, so isn’t eligible for adoption.  I’m hoping she rethinks a puppy before this one becomes available, as she has a very possessive Bull Mastiff (170 lbs), at home, and I don’t think he’ll be thrilled to share her attention.  I might be wrong, but most people are afraid of her dog, and with good reason..

I came home to find I’d just missed a phone call from my sister, giving me the update on how her house has fared in the storm.  She had a photo of the front, and there were several shingle missing from the roof over a smaller portion of her home, but no photos of the rear of the house, where they have several solar panels.  They think that there is a chance that they can come home on Monday, and I am seriously doubting that they will be allowed anywhere near the area by then.  I’m hoping my brother-in-law can be patient enough to wait until roads are open, and they are permitted back in the area.

After talking to my sister, I decided it was time for a nap…and that’s what we did until late afternoon.  I know, we have a tough life, but that’s what happens when you’re retired..You really need to pace yourself.

2 thoughts on “9/15/2018

  1. Did I mention that three people, five cats and two dogs in a Prius…They’re on their way back today, and have no idea what roads are still closed…Sometimes common sense doesn’t rule….darn it.


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