My friend Sherry, sent me a template for a purse made out of cardboard and cardstock, with all of the dimensions and a template for the covers.  I loved it, and knew it was definitely something I’d want to make before the holidays, so viewers can make it for gifts.  I kept putting it off, and finally, today, I made it.

I had so many issues (as usual)…I kept telling viewers that when you are using magnets, you have to make sure you don’t glue down the paper before you put the magnets in place, then of course, I forgot.  I had to pull the paper back, not once, but twice…maybe four times.  I really can’t believe I made that mistake so often…I was using tiny magnets, and that helped in correcting the problem, but still…who does that?

I think you’ll love the purse…it’s so sweet and functional..There’s a place for several A2 size cards, plus a spot for stamps…It’s well worth the time it took to make…And it took me a long time.  I used Distress ink around the edges, but I chose a color that’s roughly the shade of poop…I hated it..but once I’d wiped it across a couple of surfaces, I was committed..Or maybe I should be committed.  I hated the color, and tried to downplay it as much as possible, and it’s still kind of gross…Geez!

And even with that, I still love the end result..poop distressing and all.

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