I have been working on my art journal for the past few days.  I had to gesso then wait for it to dry, so it’s a painstaking process.  I finally finished two pages tonight, and I have to say, one is terrific and the other is terrible….a hot mess.

I had to give in after several color changes and techniques that didn’t work.  I just couldn’t make anything come together and it was unfortunate, because the opposite page came out so pretty.  I wanted both to have a similar appeal, but nothing I did made it any better, so I gave up.  I don’t often throw in the towel, but once you see this, you’ll understand that I had no idea how to make it work, and I hope you’ll agree that there was nothing I could do to redeem it.

I need to go back to the Dollar Tree to video myself outside, as it was raining the last time we filmed there, so that video will go up once we’ve made the introduction and end..Hopefully it won’t be raining tomorrow so we can get that video up as well.

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