It was a very drizzly day today and I’m predicting another day of drizzle tomorrow.  I talked to my sister who lives in Morehead City, NC, where Florence came ashore, and she’s got mold and water issues.  She can’t find anyone in their area to help with the mold, and that’s been on my mind today, as my sister has asthma, and the mold is terrible for her breathing.  They were told to keep their air conditioning on 70 degrees, which is kind of cold for her, but her clothes are in her closet, where they had water, and now mold issues…so no clothes.  You’re probably thinking why doesn’t she just wash them?  Her laundry room is beside the garage where the water came in.  Once they got home, they turned on the lights there and had some flickering, so they want to get an electrician to see if there is an issue with the water causing problems with that as well.  It can’t be easy.  They live about a block from Walmart, and they just opened from 8-5PM this week, as their entire stock had to be taken out, and new stock put in its place as water had caused all kinds of damage there as well.

I’m wondering how anyone can find the professionals they need in times like these?  How do you find someone to help with mold when almost every home has been affected?  It boggles my mind.  It’s times like these when I really am glad that I live in the north, where we just have to sweat out the winters and don’t have to concern ourselves with things like hurricane damage.

For those of you in the affected areas of hurricane damage, I’m so sorry for all that you’ve gone through and everything that you’ll continue to face going forward…These are difficult times.

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