Thinking of You Week Initiative, September 24th-30th..I hope you’ll join me!

I was contacted by Rebecca Walton, owner of or Rubber Stamp Tapestry, their company’s official name. She’d seen this initiative in one of the magazines she receives and thought it was a terrific idea. I did too, and was really excited about participating. It’s a week where we send a card a day and it runs from Septemer 24th through the 30th.
I am so sorry that after my initial excitement a month ago, I forgot to put it in my calendar…But I’m making sure my video goes up tonight or tomorrow, where you can see how simple it is to create seven amazing cards to send to people you know would appreciate a card and you can get your cards done and in the mail before the 30th. My goal is to create seven beautiful simple cards with items you probably already have in your stash. First let me include the information about this initiative.
The best part about this initiative, is the smile on the faces of the card recipients…It’s that simple and beautiful. I hope many of you will consider participating. You can look through the cards you’ve already made or bought, and put some in the mail today. You don’t need to send one every day…The goal is to send seven cards to seven lucky people…Or, you can drop seven cards off to your local senior living center, or assisted living center…A card to a stranger will definitely bring a smile to their face. Let’s put some kindness into the world…We can do this together….
You can include these tags and forward this information to others you think might be interested in participating…Here are tags.

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