I started making a video on an easy album I wanted to make.  Everything went wrong and I’m thinking I should start over.  The paper needed to be 12 x 12″ and I think I might have somehow trimmed one of my pieces shorter, thus making the whole project a mess.

I tried to rectify the situation, but you know how that goes sometimes, it’s either meant to be or not, and right now, I think this could be made for the trash.  I’m not sure yet, and I’ll know for sure tomorrow, as I’m waiting for the glue to dry to see if I can trim edges that are really nasty right now.  I would never have thought that I’d have the patience to mess with something like this, but I guess patience has been a gift of mature age…I could have said old age, or almost old age, as I’m definitely not middle aged any more…If I’m middle aged, I’d have to live to be 116…I sincerely hope I don’t live until then.  I don’t consider myself to be old, but when talking to anyone below forty, I’m pretty sure they would classify me as old.  (I know I would have when I was young.)

Tomorrow is another day for the album.  I might wake up and wonder what I was fretting about..Cross your fingers that I’m thrilled with it tomorrow, otherwise it could be a long wait for another one.


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