I finally got the codes to work for the Mulwark Tools…It’s only taken me about a week.  I felt so stupid that I kept getting codes that wouldn’t work, and finally, YAY!  They had to send me individual codes, so each person needs their own code.  I’ve never heard of anything like that happening, and was blown away that they actually worked.  I’m breathing the biggest sigh of relief!

I didn’t finish the album today, or look at it for that matter.  We had a thunderstorm about 4AM and Honey gets so anxious that I have to take her to the basement and sleep with her there.  And no, she doesn’t want Rich to do it.  If he takes her downstairs, she still paces and worries…It’s a job for SuperDogMom!   As soon as I lay blankets on the couch, she jumps on one end and lays at my feet…I don’t feel sleepy until I hear her make a deep sigh, and then I know it’s OK to rest.  I can’t imagine how scared the poor dog must be.  So needless to say, I was pretty groggy most of today.  I even took a nap, and then we had a tornado warning, so back to the basement with Honey, as it was thundering again….It’s been a long day..I’m hoping tomorrow is a whole new ballgame.

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