We went out to lunch and to a movie with friends today…We saw “A Star is Born,” and I thought the music was great, but the movie depressing.  Sometimes when you know a movie from the Barbara Streisand/Kris Kristofferson (I probably spelled his name wrong), genre, you’re hoping they change the ending so it’s not the same, but sadly, it was.

After the movie, Rich turned me loose in A.C. Moore, a craft store for those of you who might not know it, and he went to Barnes and Nobles.  He loves magazines on photography, and you know I love all things crafty.  I bought a few things that I needed for some upcoming projects, and found most of them there.  I had just heard about a Mod Podge that is dishwasher safe, and boy is that hard to find.  I wonder if it’s being discontinued, because I checked all of the craft stores in Erie, and there wasn’t a bottle to be found.  So I came home and found it at Target.com for under $4, so I’m still thinking it’s not going to be around for a long time to come.  I saw a video where a woman used regular Mod Podge and created a cute Christmas plate for cookies, and I thought it would be a nice gift (with cookies on it of course.) but didn’t think it was smart to use regular Mod Podge, as you’d wash it once, and whatever you’d glued to it, would wash off….So I did a little research and found the dishwasher safe Mod Podge, and the project is back on…

Did I mention the card I almost finished last night?  It is shaped like a house (with no roof) and folds flat, but I made it so I could put lights inside so you can look in the window…I thought I was finished, but it has a window box, and I think it needs a little pop of color, so I’m going to add flowers to it tomorrow, in 3-d of course, and I need to look through my stamps for the word “Welcome,” as I thought it would be the perfect touch for the front…I’m not sure what the card can be used for (other than someone whose got a new home,) but I like the idea of putting something on the front.  I also should probably put a spot on the back where I can write, like I would for any other card.  It looks great right now, but it definitely is missing some greeting card essentials…a sentiment and a space to write…other than that, I think people will want to make one for themselves….it wasn’t hard to do, and is so darn cute when it’s lit.

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