I finally finished the apron design that I was doing with the Arteza fabric markers.  I started the project with rectangles and circles and decided when I was done, that it looked like a five year old made it.  I wanted to do more, and after another night of sleeplessness over a project, decided it needed fabric add-ons.  In the end, I’m happy with the apron and hope you’ll enjoy the video.  The best part about the apron, is that I won’t have to ruin any more of my clothes from glues and inks that drop onto them.  YAY!

Rich and I celebrated our anniversary last night with dinner at Red Lobster.  It’s not like other years where we’ve done a weekend away or a big trip, we just wanted to get home to the dogs.  It’s crazy when our lives are dictated by our dogs, but Honey has such high anxiety that I hate leaving her for long periods of time.  So we ran some errands, had an early dinner and rented two movies, “Antman and the Wasp” and “Hotel Artemis” with Jody Foster.  You can tell that Rich chose the movies as one is an action movie and the other kind of action/bloody.  Both were OK, and I’m glad we didn’t go see either of them in the theater.  It was a nice day and I’m looking forward to the next thirty-six years with Rich

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