Arteza Fabric Marker Review, Decorating an Apron

I bought a canvas apron at A C Moore specifically to try the Arteza Fabric Markers on. The nice people at Arteza sent me the set of 24 fabric markers.

If you are interested in the fabric markers, here’s a discount code to use in October for an additional 10% and free shipping..the code is SPOOKY10. This link will take you to the fabric markers (As always, I don’t make any money from your purchases of the products I demonstrate in my videos.)

You can buy canvas aprons at any craft store. I wanted to use templates so my coloring would stay within the patterns I chose. So I took a rectangle die and a small circle die and cut them out of cardboard scraps. I made sure to cut them more than once, so I didn’t spread one color onto another. I accidentally did that with the yellow box, as I had orange on the edges of the cardboard template and smeared it onto the yellow rectangle. So make sure you change your template when you go from a darker color to a lighter one… I colored the markers in rainbow order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo an violet. I didn’t have a true indigo, so only used six colors (as I didn’t have room for a seventh.) I then used the circle dies with additional colors (staying on the pockets of my apron.) I put a piece of cardboard in the apron pockets while coloring there, to ensure the colors didn’t bleed onto the inside of the apron. After using sky blue, raspberry, bubble gum pink, and lime green, and tangerine, I realized they were much brighter and darker than I thought they would be.
As for the markers, I think they are terrific and if I was a true artist and could color images with them, I would have given it a try. I did notice that lighter colors show up better on the apron, as the canvas shows the fibers of the cloth with darker colors, and you need to really color the cloth in several directions to ensure true color coverage.

I used Tim Holtz Alterations die called Tattered Florals and here’s a link to it.  I wanted flowers on the pockets and near the top.  I used a circle die to cut the centers out of the flowers.

I used buttons to sew onto the small flowers I cut out of felt. I used a needle threader to help me thread the needle and here’s a link to them.

I used embroidery thread to sew the buttons to my flowers in the same color as the button. I used Fabri Fix glue to glue the flowers to the apron. I bought Fabri Fix at Joanns and it’s made by Beacon Glue.
I decided after gluing the large flowers to the rectangles, that I wanted to add black glitter to the center of them, so I took very fine glitter (don’t know the maker) and put the same glue into the centers of the flowers then added the black glitter into the centers and rubbed the glitter with the back of a plastic spoon to get it to stay inside. I used coffee filters and they removed the excess glitter by wiping the filter over the felt and tapping the back to remove the excess.

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