Some days you feel like you don’t accomplish very much, but today, I actually did.  I finally found and listed all of my 2017 Hero Arts Monthly kits that I had never opened.  Not one of them.  I’m so ashamed that I bought them, didn’t like them enough to use them, and just stacked them in the basement.  It’s embarrassing and so stupid.

So I put them on Ebay.  I hadn’t listed anything there for years, and it’s changed so much since last I put something on.  Now you are supposed to link the listing to your facebook page, which I did, but then felt kind of dirty about.  I know some viewers might be interested in the kits, but I don’t want anyone to think I’m desperate to sell them..I just want them out of my house.  And since I did “Buy it Now,” Ebay sets the prices that they think the items should be listed for and I just went with what they said.  Maybe I should have lowered the prices to something more reasonable, but the suggestion was to start with their number and ask for offers…So I did that, but now feel a little bit slimy.  I sometimes wish I didn’t have such a huge guilt complex, but there you go.

It took Rich and I three hours to list six or seven things.  We aren’t the greatest at copying and pasting images, especially when ebay sets a minimal limit for pixels…at least that’s what I think they called them.  So I’m giving my self a pat on the back for actually following through and doing something useful for a change.  I have accumulated so many things that I need to part with, and this was a good first step.

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