We aren’t normally social butterflies, but yesterday we went to lunch and a movie with our college friends that love movies.  We saw “Night School” with Kevin Hart.  It was all you would expect from the title, but there was a scene that was so funny, we couldn’t stop laughing.  If you have an experience like that at a movie, it’s worth the price of admission.  In fact, we laughed about it all afternoon.  If you’re feeling a little bit like the weather, rainy and dreary, you might need to take a small trip to the movies.

When we got home, I wanted to finish a birthday present for a close friend.  She’s had a tough year, losing her mother that she was very close to….so I wanted to try to make a special day for her.  I covered a glass plate with a vibrant fall material and used a Mod Podge safe for dishwasher’s to coat it.  It came out better than I expected (you’ll see the video), and I made chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries for on top.  You need to let the plate set for 28 days, so I covered both sides with plastic wrap so the smell or any residue didn’t get near the food….Then I bought her some cute presents and found a pin I had from her mother, and attached the bee pin to one of the presents.  I think it will make her happy…she may cry, but only because of her loss, and that’s to be expected.

She’s the last of her husband, Rich and I, to still have a parent, and now we are the family that we celebrate holidays with, as we don’t have any relative nearby.  It’s sad once you lose your family nucleus, but we are so lucky to have each other…I know Thanksgiving won’t be easy for her, but we’ll make it as light as we can.  We’ve all been through it after all, and know how hard it will be.

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