A Dollar Tree Lit Box Card Decorated with Peg Stamps

I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time. I received a big window stamp from a viewer and wanted to make a card that has a window where you are looking inside the house, and thought it would be great to light it.  Dollar Tree now sells super small lights that were perfect for this job.

I started by using Archival black ink and stamping on acetate with the window stamp.

I used a stamp set called Wall Art from Little Darling Rubber Stamps (currently sold out, here’s a link on ebay though http://tinyurl.com/yaadebbm), and stamped them on a piece of vellum near the center. The vellum is 5 ” tall by 9″ wide. (I cut it down later, so you might not need it to be that wide). I stamped with black archival ink on the vellum as I wanted a light to shine from behind it. I used dark alcohol inks to color on the back of the vellum and that’s the best way to do this so the colors show up.
I colored the frames in gray and made sure to add the darker gray so when you look at the vellum from the other side, you can see that the gray shows up.
The wall art is going to be inside my box card… I colored the wall blue and dabbed a bib with alcohol on it to make the lines from the blue marker disappear and make the walls look textured rather than lined.
At this point, my camera cut out so you missed me scoring and explaining the house.
I took two pieces of Recollections 110 lb heavyweight gray cardstock and cut them to 5 1/2″ by 11″ long then scored it every 1/2″ on the 11″ side to create a wood look background. I rubbed several ink pads from the top of the 5 1/2″ length down to the bottom. Inks used were: Distress inks in Tea Dye, Gathered Twigs, Black Soot, and Smoky Slate from Stampin’ Up plus Unicorn White ink from Hero Arts to create an old wood look. You need to use the colors from light to dark and heat set after using the Unicorn White, as it’s a pigment ink. You might want to use a white gel pen to create more cracks in your wood. (Or nail holes.) Make small marks with the pen and rub to make them look weathered.
To make the box, you’ll fold in on the fourth score mark which is 2″ from either end. Bend the folds toward the inside so the folded parts fold toward the uninked part of the cardstock.
I took the stamp of the window and stamped on some different colored cardstock then cut them out. I wanted to have curtains and the wood frame of the window cut out, so used red for the curtains and craft for the window frame. I glued the curtains behind the acetate as well as the wood outline. I decided in the end, that the shutters and flower box should be glued to the outside of the acetate.

I stamped the window on the outside center of the front of the house, then cut it out so I could glue the acetate behind that opening.
I probably should have just glued the wall art page directly to the back of the acetate, but for some reason, I wanted more dimension, so created another wall.
The center piece that I attached the wall art to, was 5 1/4″ tall by 9 1/2″ wide, and scored at 1″ from either end. I used an oval die and cut out the very center of the cardstock, then adhered the vellum to the center of the opening so the wall art shows through the opening. The vellum is glued behind the gray wall. I folded the scores on the wall art portion, toward the back (toward where the vellum is glued on) and then I put strong adhesive on the outside of the 1″ flaps on either end. I took the back of the house that should have a 2″ flap facing toward the front of the house and laid my center piece inside and laid the 1″ flaps against the side flaps of the back portion so they were adhered together. You’ll want to do this on both sides.  Use a strong adhesive and put it on the  inside of the front flaps and take the front of the house and line up the side flaps with the back side flaps and align them so they are glued in place. I can’t stress enough how strong your adhesive needs to be to hold this house together.
I stamped the shutters and the flower box on gray cardstock and cut them out to adhere to the front of the acetate. I used a black marker to edge them so when you look at the sides, all you’ll see is black. I put foam tape under the shutters so they are 3-d.
I took a white piece of scrap cardstock and put the flower box on the paper and made a mark on the farthest left and right side of the box so I would make sure my flowers covered the whole box. I stamped a variety of greenery and flowers in different colors to create a big full box of flowers.
The peg stamps I used were fern, peeled flower, chamomile sprig, blinky flower, one from the Floral Filigree Wreath collection and three ripply flower stamps from http://www.pegstamps.com.
I used water based markers to color my stamps and cut out the whole flower image so I could adhere it to the front with foam tape..
I cut a piece of white cardstock for the back that was 4 1/2″ tall by 6″ wide and stamped a sentiment on it, then adhered it with tear tape..
I put Glue Dots inside behind the vellum to hold the small lights so you can see the wall art when it’s lit.

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