Peg Stamp New Releases w/ Acrylic Stamps Designed by Lindsay

I wanted to share the new releases from Peg Stamps.

Here are the links by stamp set:
Acrylic Sets
Fireside Christmas

Let it Snow!

Trinkets and Wishes
Gingerbread Wonderland

Peg stamp sets
Christmas Traditions

Hello Mistletoe

Shady Pine

I store my peg stamps in a lidded box from the Dollar Tree and I write the names of the stamp on the side in black Sharpie…One last note, you don’t have to buy whole sets of stamps, as you can buy them individually…So if you find a single stamp you love, there’s no issue with ordering it by itself.

I always recommend that before you make an order on that you check on the last Lindsay the Frugal Crafter video for peg stamps, as she normally offered a discount code there…

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