Plus Corporation Tape Runners, A Customer Service Story

I had bought one Plus Corporation tape runner plus ten refills from Amazon. Here’s a link to it on Amazon in case you want to see the differences for yourself. (This is the original purchase and not the one I would recommend.)
Once I realized that the tape runner didn’t work well, I contacted the Plus Corporation (as they offered a contact card in the package sent from Amazon.) The man I spoke with (Dave) was really nice, and wanted to make sure I was happy with the transaction.. He found my original order where I’d bought the body, plus ten refills, and offered to replace them with their extra strong,
item number TG-0944. He sent them to me immediately, and I absolutely loved the new tape runner. When I tried to find a link to them for all of you, I couldn’t find them anywhere online. I contacted Dave and he said that this tape runner has been so well received, they are now making them for other companies and they are now sold under those company names. Here is a link to the new tape runners being sold by Glue Dots being sold through Amazon. Currently the body (with tape) is $7.65 and refills are $2.67 each. To purchase the refills, here is the link to them also from Amazon.
As always, I don’t make any money from these links, and I encourage you to price shop to get the best prices possible. Glue Dots item numbers are below:
Dispenser #41901 Glue Dots Super Strength
Refills #41901 Glue Dots Super Strength Refill

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