I worked on putting up two videos today and finally got the Dollar Tree video up.  It’s funny, because I had to go there on three different occasions, and if  you look closely, you’ll notice at least two clothing changes.  I wish the video had gone up before Halloween, but these things happen.

I’m feeling pretty guilty about poor Rich and they way I’ve been pushing him to put up videos.  We have such a back log that I haven’t made any others yet, as I’m waiting for him to upload at least five or six more videos.  It’s crazy when we get that far behind, but his back has been killing him and I didn’t really want to push the issue.  So yesterday, crazy boss Sandy came out to play and now poor Rich probably feels glued to his computer.  I’m happy though, that we have at least two ready to go up and a third that he’s working on.  If he can clean up the backlog, I’ll be so excited.  I have so many ideas, but don’t want to do anything with them yet, as I’d prefer to get the other videos done.

I got an email from Arteza today, offering to let me do another video for them.  I love playing with their products, and this time they’re letting me have a rotary cutter.  My girlfriend has one and says she can’t live without it, and I’m excited, but terrified at the same time, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be rolling it over one of my fingers…Yikes!

I think I talked about the great customer service experience I had from a company called Plus Corporation, and their tape runners.  I bought one tape runner plus ten refills, and they didn’t hold my cardstock together.  I called them and they offered to replace them with stronger adhesive tape runners and I loved them…they are the best tape runners I’ve ever tried…..So I made a video about it, and when I went to find the cost of the replacements so I can tell everyone where to get them, I can’t find them anywhere.  There’s one being sold on Amazon by a third party vendor, and they want over $25 for the one tape runner.  Who in their right mind would pay that for tape?  So I called their customer service number again today and left a message asking them for help on where people can buy these tape runners.  It would be crazy for me to put that video up if you can’t buy them any where….right?

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