Pearl Studded Pumpkin, A Thanksgiving Decoration & Holiday Well Wishes

I bought this pumpkin after Halloween last year, and thought it was more pliable…but it’s not. I wanted to stick thumbtacks into it, but the pumpkin wouldn’t allow me to shove anything into it….So I saw a video where someone used pearls in a row instead, and thought I’d give it a try.
I used the ribs of the pumpkin (yes, that’s the real name for them), and attached the pearls on either side of the ribs. I bought my pearls a long time ago at the Dollar Tree….and if you have them in different colors, it doesn’t matter as you’ll be spray painting over them….
I covered the sides of each rib with pearls then took the pumpkin outside and spray painted it with Rustoleum 2X spray paint. I spray painted a second layer once the first was dry, and it’s now on my Thanksgiving table…
I hope all of you in the United States, have a happy Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Pearl Studded Pumpkin, A Thanksgiving Decoration & Holiday Well Wishes

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to the Parkers! And a very happy birthday to you! I am so thankful for your friendship and all I’ve learned from you. Thank you for the beautiful postcard. We hope you have a blessed day, and I hope to see you soon because I love spending time with you!


  2. Shelli, I’m so glad you liked your postcard. I really have loved getting to spend time with you and finding family here in N/W PA when the rest is in NC. I hope we’ll be able to get together before Christmas, as I’d love to make some crafty things with you…..I see a gnome in our future… or I thought we should give one of these a whirl…let me know when we can get together…..I’d love to make one before Christmas….


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