I stayed up past midnight last night to make sure the video went live at exactly midnight, then got up at 8AM to ensure that the video and blog post were all correct.  I’ll be honest, I’m not cut out for the pressure of being a guest design team member.  It’s just too stressful and I left that life behind when I gave up my banking career.

I’m happy to be back to my own schedule, my own video ideas, and products of my own choosing.  I’m glad I tried the experience, but am even happier that it’s over.  I’d worked almost non-stop on the four cards for the last week, and I’m not equipped to that kind of schedule…You’re right, I’m now a slow pace kind of girl.  I used up all of my “get up and go” when I was working, and now it’s gotten up and left me….That was not proper English, of that I am sure…

So I spent the day napping and watching YouTube videos.  I know it was a big wasted day, but sometimes I just need to do that.  Some people watch television, and I watch YouTube.  I absolutely love watching really old Lindsay (frugal crafter) videos, as I have learned so much from her.  She’s taught me so many tips and tricks and what tools to use and what tools to save money on, and I admire her for that.  A lot of people say she talks too fast, but I have never had a problem with her speed.  My mind races all the time, so listening to someone else whose brain is also racing, seems to relax me.

Tomorrow I’m on to some new videos and hopefully I’ll get serious about my Christmas card videos…I know Rich has a couple of videos from last Christmas that never made it online, as we ran out of time…so we’ll get those up and then I can get serious about making more…

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