I wanted the seventh card in the series of easy Christmas cards to be amazing.  I found the perfect card and made it, and I have to say, it did not disappoint… I should have used a thinner scrapbook paper, as that would have made the process so much simpler, but as in all things, live and learn.

I loved the end results, but my hands are hurting from the process, and I’m worried that some of my viewers won’t be able to make this card.

Sunday afternoon, Bella started coughing and we started to worry when it didn’t stop.  So we called the vet this morning and got her in right away….She might have kennel cough, although the only dog she’s been in contact with beside Honey, was a puppy who hasn’t displayed any signs of a cough…..The vet says she has a viral infection that’s treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines.  She seems better after taking the anti-inflammatories, as she was coughing almost non-stop before going to the vet.

This afternoon, we have to go to Pittsburgh for my rheumatology appointment.  I go there every three months and it’s just a long day….I’ll be glad when we get home, as I’ll worry about Bella until we do…

I’m really excited for day seven’s card and hope all of you are too.  I’ve talked Rich into trying a few more days, but we’re taking at least one day off in the process…

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