Day 7 of Seven Days of Easy Christmas Cards

I saw this technique done by Positively Papercrafts and knew it had to be our day seven easy card.. You CAN make this card easily if you use thin double sided paper…..that’s the key…One of my viewers suggested using double sided gift wrap that’s a little heavier than normal and said that works great…and I’ll bet it does.

Start with an 11″ tall by 4 1/4″ wide card base scored on the 11″ length at 5 1/2″

I took a pretty piece of designer paper that is 5 1/4″ x 4″ wide and glue it to the card base. (I forgot to glue my ribbon under it, so make sure you glue a thin piece of ribbon near the bottom for the sentiment.)

You’ll need four pieces of double sided patterned paper:

(I inked my edges with real red ink from Stampin’ up)

1 1/2″ square
2″ square
2 1/2″ square
3″ square

You’ll need to make certain your squares are actually sqaures, and then fold one in half with the pattern you like on the outside….then open it and fold it in half in the other direction. Open it and fold it on the diagonal in half and open it and then fold it on the opposite diagonal. After each fold, you should use your bone folder to really make your creases flat. Once your folds are done you should be able to push in the sides and create a triangle. If it doesn’t want to make the triangle on it’s own, just force it to your will. Remember that your bone folder is key to making this card.
Once all four are done, use the bone folder again and go over all four on the top and bottom so the triangles are as flat as possible.

I cut out a long tree trunk out of matching paper and if it needs to be shortened later, that’s OK, it just needs to be longer than you think you need right now, maybe 1 1/2″ long…

I used a star punch and punched out five of the same paper and glued them together for a really tall star for the top of my tree. I inked it on the edges with the real red marker too.

To create the card, you’ll need to take your smallest triangle and take the left side (or the right) top layer of cardstock and fold it into the middle of your triangle and use the bone folder to flatten it. Then take the right side and fold it into the center so it lines up with the center mark….do this to all four pieces before you glue it together and then use your bone folder again and flatten the back so it’s as flat as possible..
I created a banner for the base of the tree with a sentiment and stamped Merry Christmas inside the card.
I put a thin piece of red ribbon near the bottom of the card and glued it under the paper I’d already glued down…should have done it sooner, but forgot….Then I created a banner by cutting a “V” in the end of the sentiment and glued it to the front of the card.

After you’ve got all four of your triangles with the pieces folded down, put glue inside the center of the smaller piece on either side and glue the top front and back of the next larger piece and push the larger piece inside the smaller piece making sure it’s centered and straight across. Then do the same to the second ….glue inside the triangles and inside the larger section of the second piece and then glue the back and front of the top of the next larger piece and push that inside the second one….repeat with the fourth and then put glue inside the base of the fourth and slide your tree trunk into it and lay your tree down to decide if you have enough room for your star and the ribbon…if the tree is too long, cut off the trunk.

After my tree was glued in place and the glue was dry, I used the real red Stampin Up marker and inked all of the edges of the tree so it really stands out. If any of the pieces of the tree stand up too high, glue them and hold them down.

The glue I used is Tonic’s Funky Glue pen and the star punch I couldn’t find the maker on, sorry.

I hope you try this card, as it is a lot easier than I make it out to be.
and PS, Rich is on board for making more cards, just taking a day off…

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