I went to the doctor in Pittsburgh, and things went well there, so stopped at my favorite bakery on the way home and treated myself to some of mine/our favorites. We love to share their lemon coconut square and their bear claws are phenomenal.  I’d like to say that I know the name of the bakery, but I don’t.  It’s in Wexford, in a new development they build where they made a community of townhouses then a community of stores in the center of the townhouses.  Every time we go there, I tell Rich if we were young, we’d live in a place like that, as they make everything so convenient.  And the stores are all terrific, as are the restaurants.

So day seven card for me was a real accomplishment.  I was a little bit disappointment that it didn’t get a bigger reaction, but I really can never tell which cards will make a big hit and which will be mediocre.  I’m taking today off to rest and tomorrow I’ll be back in the craft room for at least another card.  I also want to make a new planner for 2019 as well as a couple of Christmas decorations.  I will try to make some easy gifts for Christmas as well…I know time is running out and I need to get serious about some of these ideas I have….

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