Day 8 of Seven Days of Easy Christmas Cards, A Bonus!

You probably thought I’d given up with cards, but I’m doing two more and then Rich is going to do one bonus card by himself…..Can’t wait for that.

I saw this technique at the stamp show I attended and will link the video to the end of this one.

Instead of using double sided craft tape, I used double sided carpet tape that you can buy at any hardware store. Here’s a link to some.
You can buy craft double sided tape and Sparkle n’ Sprinkle sells it.

I started with a card base that is 11″tall by 4 1/4″ wide and scored at 5 1/2″ on the 11″ length. I used a layer of white card stock that is 4″ wide by 5 1/4″ tall and wrapped the carpet tape around the ends of the top and bottom of my white cardstock. If you have any bubbles or wrinkles, try to rub them out before taking off the backing. You’ll also want to keep your backing paper once you remove it, to put it on the top and bottom on the back where I wrapped the carpet tape.
Before you take off your backing, you’ll want to trim the edges where you don’t have carpet tape, so cut that off. If you have a gap in the center, you’ll have to put glue in there when you are glittering that section.
The stencil I used is from Stampendous and is called Snowman Peeking and is #FMS4078 and here’s a link to it.

You’ll need to use a Hawaiian Coconut Oil Soap and rub it on the back of the stencil so it will allow the stencil to be removed from the tape. (I’m not sure if any other soap will work.) Here’s a link to where I bought it.    Be careful of these metal stencils, as they are sharp on the edges…. Cover the whole back with the soap and remove any soap that is stuck in the lines of the stencil. Then lay your stencil on the cardstock where you want it placed. I placed mine near the bottom of the paper. Then rub it to make sure it’s attached to the paper.
The glitter spoon is the greatest for this project….we made a lot of fun of it and now I have a glitter funnel from Joanns…I used a variety of glitters from Stampin’ Up, Martha Stewart, Sparkle n’ Sprinkle and I bought a packet from Joanns for a dark green.
I started with the mouth and used the glitter spoon to put the black glitter right where I wanted it…Once the glitter filled the spot, I rubbed it, to ensure it was adhered. I did the eyes and eyebrows with black and rubbed it into them. I used red and green for the hat. I had a gap from the space between the two pieces of carpet tape, so I had to add some glue to that spot…I made sure I flattened the glue so I didn’t have a bubble of glitter. If you put the glitter in the center of the area you want to glitter, it works better to then move it with your finger to get it to the edges. If you sprinkle it near the edges, you risk having the glitter go into another section where you don’t want it…

Once you’ve covered the stencil with glitter, gently pull it away from the carpet tape. Then you’ll need to glitter the background. i used a white for the snowman and had to cover over some darker colors with white glitter and should have used a white marker to color the dark glitter where it needed to be white.
I used a blue glitter from the surround and white glitter between the layers of his hat and for his face. The blue didn’t stick well all over, so I added glue and more blue glitter and it had almost a layered look to it.
I put foam tape behind the snowman and put it on a layer of mirror paper. I had a die for Merry Christmas and cut it out of gold mirror paper and glued it to the inside of the card.

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