The 11th is Rich’s birthday, so I invited two couples that included Rich’s college football teammates for dinner and a movie.  We had a great evening of laughing and reminiscing about our youth.  When I see those men, it seems like yesterday that we were together in college.  One of them was a great friend of mine and we spent most of our sophomore year trying to get through Intermediate Accounting together.  He and I spent so much time together, and I knew his wife, though not as much as him…Through the years, he’s played in several three on three basketball tournaments with Rich, even though he lived in Maryland.  After retiring as an air traffic controller, decided to move back to this area, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  He and his wife are our movie buddies, and since we’re all retired, it’s great fun spending time together.

At the end of the evening, I looked in the mirror and my right eye was bright red.  We had just had lunch a couple days ago with close friends, and he had what looked like pink eye.  I didn’t think I had gotten close enough to him to get it, but know it’s really contagious.  I try to be pretty careful about any infections, because of my arthritis, so made an appointment with our eye doctor.  He was able to squeeze me in by mid-afternoon and before he even looked at me, said he thought he knew what it was.  I was still thinking pink eye, but no, it is some kind of side effect you can get from rheumatoid arthritis…And yes, that’s the other reason I am careful about infections…as I never know what my arthritis might have in store for me on a given day or time.  I probably should call my rheumatologist and tell her about it, because in three months I’m hoping I’ll have completely forgotten about it….

And I had wanted to finish putting stamps and mailing my Christmas cards today, but decided to rest instead.  I really want to get those in the mail, and I need to buy a bunch of stamps since they are going to significantly raise their prices in 2019.  A five cent raise on a regular stamp is the biggest single increase I can ever remember, so I’m going to buy a lot of forever stamps in regular stamps, but mainly in the ones for thicker envelopes that are currently 71 cents.  I thought I’d mention that so if any of you didn’t know about the increase, it would give you the opportunity to stock up before they raise their prices.

I am going to pressure Rich into putting up another video of mine tomorrow and I’m going to not only put stamps on my cards, but also make a couple of videos using Dollar Tree Christmas items for decorations/gifts and a planner I’ve been thinking about making all year.  I need to get those videos up before Christmas, as this small break I’ve been taking is at the wrong time of year.  January would be a better time for a small rest.

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