Dollar Tree Last Minute Fast Stocking Stuffers #1, Bookmarks/Headbands

I found a set of four cute headbands at the Dollar Tree and decided they would make really great bookmarks as a fast, last minute stocking stuffer for people who read books (not Kindles) or could also be used as decorated headbands.

I used buttons and button covers that I found at garage sales, but you can buy pretty decorator buttons at craft stores or from your mom’s button box, and I’ve seen large buttons at the Dollar Tree from time to time as well.

I used a double strand of embroidery thread to sew one of the large buttons on to the headband,  far enough away from the seam that you won’t see the seam when you put it on a book. I ran the needle through the button three times for each hole to ensure it stays in place then knotted it on the back.

I also used old button covers from the 1980’s, and popped the metal latch off the back with my hand, then used my hot glue gun to adhere it to the headband. If I was making this into an actual decorated headband, I would have turned the button covers side way so they hangs correctly on a girl’s head.  If you look at the one I made in the photo with Noah’s Ark, I would have turned Noah’s Ark side way for a head band as an fyi..the others would work well turned in any direction.

I made a tag using a stamp set that I bought at Oriental Trading, but unfortunately, it’s no longer available there. I used Versafine Onyx black ink and clear embossing powder and heat set it then ran a loop of ribbon through a hole I punched near the end and pulled the two ends of the ribbon through the loop and pulled them tight, then tied it to the headband.

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