Last Minute Stocking Stuffer #2, Button Christmas Tree Ornament

When I was a kid, my mom taught Sunday school and always made these cute little trees. Rich asked me why I didn’t hot glue them together and that would be a lot easier, but this is how I learned to do it, and it makes the tree pliable, and I think that’s kind of fun.

You’ll need to have several sizes of red and green buttons…I used two of the same size green that were a little larger than the next two smaller green buttons, as they make the base of the tree…Then you take your largest red button and a matching size green button and layer the next smaller size red then green button, and continue until your smallest size and put something on top for a tree topper…I used two Stampin’ Up ivy leaves. I started with two strands of green embroidery thread with a large knot on the end..I ran the needle up through the tree that I’d already laid out in order and tried to keep as many buttons on the needle as possible until I got to the top…once there, I put the two ivy charms on, then ran the needle back down through all of the buttons to the bottom, and then back up through as many of the buttons had four holes. My knot was too small, so the base of the tree came out of the thread and I had to rethread it… I knotted it near the top and put a dollop of hot glue on the very bottom and where the knot was at the top. After it was done, I ran some red and white twine through the ivy loops and created a hanger for the tree.
I bought my buttons from Joanns and they were in a package called the big bag of buttons.

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