Fast and Easy, Big Dollar Tree Wreath

I know it’s really close to Christmas, but I’ve made this wreath and didn’t get the video put up until now. I was just at our Dollar Tree and they still had the components for the wreath..You’ll need one big snowflake and six smaller foam snowflakes plus a metal snowflake for the center. I used hot glue and then glued silver ribbon to the back to maintain the integrity of the wreath. I used small snowflake embellishments that I glued to the centers of the outside snowflakes and then put a rhinestone in the centers of each for a little extra bling.  You really don’t need to do this step as it’s kind of hard to see.
In the end it’s really large…much larger than I anticipated. I don’t think you could put it outdoors, but it would be great over a fireplace or on an accent wall.

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