I know this sounds like a lie, but I have been a crazy crafty girl the last few days.  I wanted to make a lot of decorations to deliver to our local nursing home where my girlfriend’s mother is currently living, and started with one or two things that turned into fifteen to twenty.  I’m really happy with some of the things I’ve created and OK with a few and only one, Rich and I decided should be tossed.  I have been in the craft room literally all afternoon and evening yesterday and today.  I didn’t make videos of every single crazy thing I made, but I did do one video that I’m including a recap, and maybe if you’re interested, I can recreate whatever interests you next year.

Hey, I’m just happy my sister and her husband’s birthday presents arrived there day, and only three months late for my brother-in-law’s birthday….So the fact that I’m finally finished with my senior gifts and delivering them tomorrow, is quite a moment to celebrate.  After all, I still have a few Christmas cards I haven’t finished.

I’m not sure if I already whined about this or not, but when I took my haul to the post office and needed to send several international cards, the post office sold me several of the same stamp.  I really don’t believe they’ll get to their destinations, and that will really make me sad if they don’t.  At the time, it didn’t occur to me to ask, but could it really cost the same to send a card to Canada and Romania?  Just a thought…So I’ve been fretting about this for the last few days as only a cardmaker can.  After all, if I’d just gone to the Dollar Tree and bought a box of cards and mailed them, I wouldn’t really care, but my blood sweat and tears are wrapped up in those cards, and it will break my heart if they don’t get where they are intended.

So to recap my last two days, I’ve ruined two pairs of pants with hot glue, burned one thumb and one index finger and have glitter almost everywhere.  All in all, it’s a job well done.

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