As it gets closer to Christmas, I realize how exhausting this time of year can be.  My friends who have health issues are struggling, as am I.  I have pushed myself too hard and need to take a couple of days off until I feel more like myself again.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I delivered the gifts I had made to our local nursing home where her mom is currently a patient.  I let her choose the items she wanted first, and at 95, she definitely knew which she wanted.  She chose a Santa framed on a mirror and a deer framed on a tree lined paper background.  My girlfriend found their social worker and we gave her the rest of the things I had made (you’ll see photos of them at the end of my last Christmas video), as she would know which patients don’t have visitors or family to decorate their rooms.  I thought she’d want us to visit some of the people to deliver the goodies, but she took them and would be delivering them herself (and kind of a relief for me).  After, we went out to lunch and then Rich and I went to visit a friend whose just had a partial knee replacement, and by then, we were getting sleet, and I was ready to come home.

My sister got her box of birthday and Christmas gifts from us and called to talk about it and her cards….Once I got off the phone with her, it was time for date night and I was exhausted.  We started watching a movie and I fell asleep…I feel really bad when that happens, but I was just too tired to do anything.  Rich thought it would be better to delay date night until tonight, and I agreed….I decided I should answer some YouTube comments and carried my laptop to another room, where I realized I’d put the cord inside the laptop and laid it on our bed.  I think the dogs must have leaned against it and the cord inside crushed the screen, thereby ruining my laptop.  I’m really sad about it, as I had inherited it from Rich’s dad and loved that machine.  I’d bought a replacement from Dell that I’m currently using, and it just makes me crazy with pop up windows and screens I don’t want to see.  It took me two hours this AM to upload my notes on a video, something that normally takes about half an hour…Needless to say, I’m disappointed in myself for making such a stupid mistake and allowing the dogs to destroy my laptop….drat…

We were invited to a friend’s house tonight, to see all of our college friends, but I’m just not up for it, and the weather is still kind of crappy, and I just can’t do another two hour drive…I hate it when I whine this much, but it’s the state of exhaustion I’m in.  I need a large break where I sleep too much and then do almost nothing and then I think I’ll feel better.    I have to wrap some gifts at some point, but so far, haven’t found the momentum to do so….It’s going to have to happen in the next day or two…as otherwise, I’m out of time.

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