Last Minute Easy Dollar Tree Wreath + Lots of Senior Gifts

I’ve talked about this many times, but since Rich and I don’t have a lot family, I like to make and donate a lot (as many as possible) of gifts to nursing homes, for them to decorate their rooms for the holidays. This wreath and the bookmarks I made in an earlier video, (I’ll link it to this video) are most of the things we donated. I didn’t want to make a bunch of similar videos, but if you see any of the items at the end that you would like a full how to video made, I’d be happy to do so.

I started with the foam ring from the Dollar Tree…The red ribbon came from the Dollar Tree and the gold is inexpensive and might have also come from the Dollar Tree last year. I am gluing on the back of the wreath, even though I didn’t say that. I start by gluing the gold ribbon on an angle, and continue by leaving a gap between the rows of gold and red ribbon. After gluing both ribbons, I filled the initial gap with another piece of gold ribbon and then made a loop on the top and hot glued it to the back of the wreath, creating a hanger. The gold ribbon is super pliable, so they can turn that loop to hang it on their door or on a nail… I added the gold snowflake from the Dollar Tree, plus red bells (also from the DT), and then a piece of rubber coppery fern that I sprayed adhesive on, and added gold glitter to. I also added a couple of gold small round ornaments that I got at a garage sale.

I wanted to show the things I’d taken to the nursing home, so added a small video of them at the end. The frame with the snowman in the corner wasn’t finished, as I added “Let it snow” to it with die cut gold letters….it was cute once the words were added. When we delivered the goodies to the nursing home, my girlfriend’s mother, whose 95, chose two items, the deer framed with tree paper in the background and the Santa on a mirror. I bought the mirror at the Dollar Tree and the Santa there too… I took four bookmarks with one large print book, so they knew how it worked (plus they’d have another book for their library) and will attach that video at the end.

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