DIY Planner, Pt. 2, Calendar Inserts

I wanted to show you how to make the folders that would hold individual monthly calendars, plus optional pages that I am giving the links for you below…
I found a calendar I liked from and used her free printable calendar. She also offers other pages for your planners that you might like more than the ones I made. She has lovely printables, that she sells at reasonable prices.
The calendar I printed is free, and I downloaded it from her website. Here’s the link:  You’ll need to sign up for her blog to be able to download it, and this link takes you to the page where you sign up…
To create a monthly folder, you’ll need to take 12 x 12″ designed paper and cut it down to 12″ tall by 11 3/8″ wide by 12″ tall. Make sure your pattern is facing up and down on the 12″ length. Put it on your score board w/ the white side facing up & score it on the    11 3/8″ length at 5 1/2″, then turn it one turn & make sure the pattern is facing the right side,  score at 3″. Turn the paper so the 3″ score is near the top horizontally, & score a line 1/8″ to the left of the 5 1/2″ and score down to the 3″ line, then score a line 1/8″ to the right of the 5 1/2″ score, down to the 3″ line. Take it out of the scorer and cut the lines out (that you scored down to the 3″ mark) and cut across to the other line so the center is cut out…Then fold the 3″ score up on the white side of your paper, so you have pockets. Fold the 5 1/2″ score so your paper is now a folder. I used an envelope board (mine is called a 1-2-3 board by We R Memory Keepers link: ) and punched the top center and bottom center with the punch at the top of the board. If you don’t have one of these boards, you can simply cut out a notch with your scissors in both places. I took the same board and turned my folder so the right side is in the punch board. I made three different tabs, one on the left, center and right sides for different months so you can see them in the planner…I created the month of May on camera, so punched out the center with the 1-2-3 board and then made another punch about 1 1/2″ to the right of the first punch, then using my paper trimmer, cut out the rest of the paper and left the tab I’d just created behind. Or, you can use scissors and draw a straight line down the side to cut out the excess paper, excluding your tab. If you don’t have the 1-2-3 board, you can use a tab punch, or simply cut a tab with scissors.  I rounded the corners of the folder with my Kadomaru Pro corner rounder (link ) Then ran a thin bead of wet glue (AdTech fine line) on the outside edge of the pockets I’d created, and put clamps on them to hold them until the glue set. I used a Dyno label maker (link:  ) to type the months, but you can also stamp them with alphabet stamps or hand-write the months. I adhered the month on the tab.

I learned how to create the signature and how to make a planner by Crafts by Lisha…here’ s her video on making signatures.
To make the signature, I folded all of the papers I was putting in the folder in half (side to side). I put them in the folders in the same order for each month, and that was:   monthly calendar is first, then I folded the to do page around the calendar, then the acts of kindness page, then the journalling page, then two blank sheets.

I made a template for punching the holes in the paper by taking paper that was 8 1/2″ tall and 6″ wide and folded it in half so it’s now 3″ wide. I folded it in half on the 8 1/2″ length to make it 4 1/4″, then folded that in thirds. I used the bone folder to ensure the lines were really visible, then drew with a pen on each of the folds in the center where the lines meet making a circle big enough for me to easily see. You’ll fold this in half on the 6″ width so your marks are now on the left side of the paper. I put this on top of my calendar so it’s almost on the center line, but leaving the center line visible. The top of this paper should be lined up with the top of the pages for the month…clip it in place and put clips on the sides of the pages to ensure they stay in place. Using a pokey tool, or a very sharp thick needle, punch holes through all of the pages beside the marks on the template making sure they are directly on the center fold. If you can, put the folder behind the papers and punch through all of them at once. If you aren’t strong enough to do that, poke through all of the papers at once, then put the folder under them, clip them together and poke through it.  Next, take a needlepoint/cross-stitch needle and thread a length (2 ft long) of matching (white in my case), embroidery thread or cross stitch thread (3 strands wide) or book binding thread…
Start the needle from the back of the third hole from the top and pull it to the front leaving a couple inches on the back loose, then put the needle through the fourth hole to the back and through the fifth hole to the front, then through the fourth hole to the back..Skip to the second hole and pull through to the front, then into the first hole at the top to the back, through the second hole to the front and into the third hole to the back. Make sure your string is on the opposite side of the string that runs the length of the center from the string that is from where you started it….tie in a knot three times tightly and cut off the excess.

I am making a third video that shows how to make paper clips to bookmark pages and to show how I included the zipper bag..


To Do Page:

Acts of Kindness Page:

Journalling Page                                



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