I’ve really been focused on the planner and making additional videos the last few days….Yesterday, I went out for lunch with two friends and had a great time…One is a lady the other two of us worked with for several years whose in her mid eighties.  She’s a real character, always has been, and it was great seeing her and catching up.  She had a stroke when she turned eighty, and her left side was really affected by the stroke.  She’s lost her independence and wishes she could drive again.  I promised if she wanted, that Rich and I would bring her my car and we’d let her drive it around an empty parking lot so she knows whether or not she feels like it’s something she wants to pursue.  When I got home, I checked online to see what kind of qualifications  driver needs, if they’ve had a stroke, and it looks like her physician has to OK it.  The first step is finding out if she feels confident enough to pursue it, and when the weather gets better, we’ll be able to see.

Back to crafting, I was surprised that only one viewer commented about my “acts of kindness” page in the planner.  I thought I would get a conversation going from viewers, even if they didn’t like the idea…maybe that means they’re on board with trying it…Wouldn’t that be something?

Today, Rich and I are meeting friend and doing some shopping and lunch in the closest large city to us, Erie.  We’re amazed at the weather we’ve had so far this winter….and if I didn’t tell you this story, I definitely need to do so.   Since our weather has been warmer than usual (in the 30’s), the bears haven’t been hibernating.   Our bird feeders always make them happy, and this year, the bear took one that I really liked.  It’s long and has metal mesh sides so birds can take food from almost any spot on it.  I found it at a garage sale (as I buy all of mine at sales since the bears steal a few every year.)    The bear bent the shepherds hook in half to take the feeder, and Rich searched our yard and the woods behind our house to see if he could find it.  I watched him for a little bit and looked around the yard from inside the house, but didn’t see the feeder.  The next day, we went to the sun room and in the middle of our backyard, in plain view, was the feeder.  I don’t have any explanation for how it got there, so we’re going with the theory that the bear brought it back so we could refill it. How considerate.  It’s a good story if you go with our theory…and it makes us laugh.

After we get back from shopping, I’m planning on making a video to show all of the Christmas cards I got and to show the haul of things I’ve bought in the last few weeks.  I tend to buy things around Christmas, as a lot of the stamp companies have big discounts.  I tried really hard to not go crazy, and think I did pretty well..You can be the judge of that when you see the things I’ve bought.

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