This has been the weirdest weather day.  We normally have a lot of snow in January…but this morning, we woke up to a thunderstorm and lots of rain and temperatures in the 50’s.  It’s been raining all day, and we have been getting weather advisories all day as well for rain, hail, tornado’s and now a snow/ice storm.   There was a tornado about 20 miles away and more rain/hail.  Then tonight we got a new weather advisory, this time for snow. Of course we didn’t get away with a rainstorm…no, it’s going to turn to ice, then a major coating of snow.  Up to twelve inches in a twenty-four hour period.  Holy cow, that’s some weird weather.

Hopefully, tomorrow night, I’ll be doing an etiquette dinner at our college alma mater.  I do it for them every year, to ensure the college seniors know what forks and knives to use, what things to order off of a menu, and the things you shouldn’t order (like french onion soup, wings, barbecued ribs…they’re too hard to eat gracefully.)  It’s a nice evening for the students, and I usually get to eat part of my dessert and that’s it.  While I’m trying to explain how to eat every course, the students are also asking questions, so I don’t really eat…Not that I mind, because the foods they serve, although good, are a very odd combination.  It’s all decided upon based on how hard the foods are to eat, so we have french onion soup, usually Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti, and a difficult frozen dessert.  We want to show them how to eat these things in front of prospective employers, so they know how awkward it would be in a business setting.  It’s a fun night, as the students normally ask questions you’d never expect, and sometimes it’s hard to keep a straight face.  We had a male student ask if he could put his tie over his shoulder while eating….I’d never heard that one before…I really wanted to find out where he’d ever seen that before, but didn’t, and I deferred to the head of the accounting department for the answer, as I felt that anything I would come up with would sound sarcastic.  His answer was perfect though, as he told the student that if the senior person from the company put his tie over his shoulder, then he could too..otherwise, no.

I’m worried that we’ll have a horrible snowstorm to drive through and it’s about thirty miles away…not something I’m excited about, but we’ll do it anyway.  And it won’t be the first time we’ve gone to this event in a horrible snowstorm.  The last time we went, we were the only car on the road, so you know it wasn’t pretty.  I’m not looking forward to a repeat of that experience, but being from snow country, we are prepared for driving in really ugly conditions.

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