Planner P.t 3, Walk-through, Tags & Nifty Paper Clips

I finally figured out how to attach the zipper pouch..I cut it down as small as possible using a Smart Sealer link: to seal the sides where I trimmed it. You can use a hot knife as well to seal it. Better yet, buy a small zipper pouch that will fit without trimming..
I put the zipper pouch in a folder and added five additional blank pages to the folder. I sewed it in by using the same system as before. I used embroidery floss/cross stitch floss, three strands in white, and started (using a needlepoint needle) by pulling the needle through the back to the front on the third hole from the top, then through the front to the back of the fourth hole, then to the front on the fifth hole, then down through the fourth hole, and up to the second hole, then down through the first one, then up through the second one, and down through the third one and making sure we have our loose thread on one side of the vertical white thread and the needle and thread on the other side of the vertical thread, and tie it in knots.  Then trim the ends..I tie three knots. You can use embroidery thread or book binding thread that would be easier than what I used.
To make paper clips that would be fun, I decided to use silicone molds (used for cake decorating) that you can buy on Amazon or ebay, and I experimented with Liquid Metals and hot glue….it was a big fail as the Liquid Metals made divots in the glue and stayed liquid….I also used glitter by putting it in the bottom of the molds, then filled the mold with hot glue. Press your paper clip, only the very top, into the hot glue and hold it there for a minute until it sets. You’ll need to wipe the glitter off of the edges once the hot glue sets, and I decided to use Super Gloss One Coat Mod Podge to seal the glitter in, and that worked great. I tried using only hot glue, but you can see the paper clip through it, so don’t recommend that either.
I made tabs for the top of the planner, by using clear plastic that was 6″ long and about   1 1/4″ wide, and using my label maker, printed out the same names as the titles at the top of the inserts I made. I folded the 6″ plastic in half and used my bone folder so it had a good fold, then put the word right up to the fold, put one staple on the bottom of the word, then put it in my guillotine paper trimmer and cut the edges off so it’s only as wide as the word. I cut the bottom of the strip to make sure it was straight. Then opened the strip and put it over the page with that title in the January calendar.

I found a calendar I liked from and used her free printable calendar. She also offers other pages for your planners that you might like more than the ones I’m giving you. She has lovely printables, that she sells. (I have no affiliation with her, I just liked the free calendar that she offers.)
The calendar I printed is free, and I downloaded it from her website. Here’s the link:… You’ll need to sign up for her blog to be able to download it, and this link takes you to the page where you sign up…

To print the To do page, go to this link:…

To print the Acts of Kindness page:…

To print the Journalling page:…

I’m giving this planner away to a subscriber who leaves a comment that says “I’d like to have the planner” before midnight of January 12, 2019 and then we’ll choose a random comment as the winner..You’ll also need to leave your email address…Unfortunately, I won’t be able to send the planner outside the United States, sorry.

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