Turning a Folder Into a Desktop Work Station

I bought the supplies I used from the Dollar Tree…You’ll need a large gift bag (mine was for a wedding) and a folder that has a zipper pouch on the side of it.
I started by cutting apart the gift bag so I had as many big pieces as possible.. I cut a piece that would fit inside the zipper pocket and then glued it to the inside front of the pouch with Ad Tech fine line glue, by gluing the front of my paper (once it’s in the pouch) on all four sides then rubbed it to ensure it would stay glued inside, but still allow us to use the pouch.
Then I took paper that was on the sides of the bag, and used them to cover the flaps on the inside of the folder. I used tear tape to ensure the paper stayed in place. You want to use a serious adhesive to make sure the paper stays in place.  I added wet glue as well, to ensure a tight seal.
Here are the dimensions for the paper that I used on the folder (although you might want to remeasure your folder to ensure the sizes of paper are accurate:)
Outside front to fit in the pouch 8 15/16 x 11 1/8″ tall
Back cover 9 3/16″ wide x 11 3/8″ tall
Pockets 8 3/4″ wide x 4 3/8″ tall

I used my Kadomaru Pro corner rounder from Amazon on the small setting to round the corners for the pockets.  I attached the paper to the pockets with tear tape and wet glue, and after gluing down the pockets, I folded back the paper where the plastic is open on the inner edges,  then trimmed it with scissors and rounded with my scissors as I went.
I covered the back of the folder with tear tape and wet glue to ensure I could wiggle it if I had to.
On the inside of the folder, I wanted to add accessories, so took a single paper pad from the Dollar Tree (from a set called Mini Writing Tablets) and opened it so the cardboard is exposed, then put hot glue on the inside of that cardboard on the bottom half of the cardboard, then put it inside the plastic folder so when you run out, you can basically snap it back off as the hot glue will allow it to be pulled off of the plastic pretty easily.
I took retired Stampin’ Up satin pleated ribbon and hot glued it over the seam I had in the paper on the left pocket and made small loops of ribbon wrapped around the pen cap unglued, so I could slide the pens in and out. On the right pocket, I put another row of ribbon, with a couple of sections unglued, so I could slide paper clips into them. I used large Dollar Tree paper clips and buttons and ran a strip of white paper through the button to look like string, then hot glued the ends of the paper to the button…I added a large paper clip with hot glue, making sure the small loop ends of the paper clip is not near the hot glue, so the paper clip still works.
Cover the paper clip top with hot glue and press it in place and hold it there so it stays attached to the button.
Lastly, I wanted to put a small legal pad (from the Dollar Tree) in the folder. I used a piece of cardstock (Stampin Up Sweet Sugar Plum) cut to 5″ wide (the width of the legal pad) by 11″ long. I scored it on the 11″ length at 5″ and 5 1/4″. I used a scrap of the same paper from the bag that was about 3 1/2″ wide and 11″ long, and put tear tape between the 5 and 5 1/4″ scores on both sides of the sugar plum paper, and added a lot of tear tape to the back of the bag paper so it stays adhered to the sugar plum paper. I centered it on the sugar plum paper and used the score lines on both papers to help line it up perfectly. I’m not sure how the end of the legal pad was missing, but I simply lined up the score lines on the legal pad and glued the paper onto the legal pad with the short end on the back of the pad and the long end covering the front of the pad.  I folded the front up to the spot on the legal pad where the paper tears off and put tear tape above that spot, so the decorated paper stays in place when I’m tearing off pages beneath it..




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