I’ll be honest…we’ve been having the snow storm that’s hitting the eastern half of the United States, and with it has come exhaustion.  Sometimes that happens to be…when the barometric pressure changes, my arthritis decides I need to hibernate (like a bear.)  I’ve got to say, this has been a longer period of exhaustion than usual, so I haven’t been creating anything.  I have every intention to create, but my intentions have not been able to over power my will power….My will power says, “let’s nap,” and I go along with it.  Yesterday I slept fourteen hours and then took two more naps during the day.  You don’t get a lot accomplished when you sleep that much.

I have a bunch of ideas for videos, but just can’t motivate myself to do anything.  I hope tomorrow is a new day, and that I feel more like myself, and want to get in the craft room and do something….anything.

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