I’ve been in the craft room working on several projects, some requested by viewers and some by college friends.  First, let’s talk about the pocket card.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been talking about the problems I’ve had with it, and there were a few.  My video explanation had to be revamped a couple of times, because I’d made a prototype, thinking “this will work” and then it needed to be shortened.  That’s only one of a few issues I had, including scoring more than I needed, so in the end, I left some of my problems in the final cut.  I’m happy with the cards I made, one that doesn’t work well, and one that does.  I show the one that didn’t work well, but decided not to explain how I made it, because frankly, I can’t remember what I did to make it.  I remember most of it, but I made several scores and cuts to make it work as well as it does, after the first round…it’s cute until you try to put it back together…

After I finished the pocket card, I’d promised my college friends that I would make them some simple cards without any sentiments, and a variety of sentiments to glue to them when they decided what to use them for.   But first, I wanted to make a folder exactly like my friend Sherry had made, so I had something to put them in.  I used Graphic 45 paper (that Sherry had given me), and the folder really turned out cuter than I expected.  I did use the scraps to make cards for them, but ran out of time (before I had to leave to meet them) to be able to make enough that they’d both have a lot to choose from.  So I supplemented with cards I’d already made that did have sentiments on them.  When we met, I explained the situation, and they decided they needed to put all of the cards on the restaurant table and go through them, choosing ones they wanted.  I felt bad that I didn’t have a lot (I think I made six or seven) of the ones without sentiments, but I doubt they’ll be using seven cards before they see me next.  And by then, I should be using some of the card kits I’ve been sent, and I’ll make them cards from those.

That leads me to my last note of interest…I have finally been sent the last card kit I’ve been waiting for from Brutus Monroe.  I’ve been talking about the card kit video for so long, that people probably think I’m making it up.  I should have done videos with the kits as I got them (I have done a few), but still have so many to cover.  My plan is to link the video using each kit when discussing the pros and cons of that kit in a comprehensive card kit video…If that doesn’t make sense, I hope it will when I do the video.  I want to show you each kit (and what that kit provides), but if I try to do that in one video, it would be so long, no one would ever want to watch it.  Instead, my plan is to discuss the value of each kit and then compare that kit to the value of others, so people know which one provides the most bang for it’s buck.  At this point, I can’t remember how many kits I’ll be covering, but I know there are a lot of them.  And I’ll be really glad when I finish that video, as it’s been weighing on my mind, not having it done and uploaded.   Today I’m going to work on one of the card kits, and make some cards from it, so I can determine it’s value, and show some of the cute ideas you can create with it…One down, another four or five to go…my anxiety just went up two or three notches…crap..

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