A Wreath By Any Other Name Might Not Be Round

I was asked to make a wreath by a viewer, and saw a version of this at Christmas in a magazine…I decided to give it a try and then I’ll tear it apart and recreate it for upcoming holidays.
Take the frame apart…You’ll need a larger frame, mine is about 17 x 13″…You are only going to use the wood part.
I found the word “LOVE” at the Dollar Tree and used some real red craft paint from Craft Essentials and mixed it with Mod Podge (hoping the Mod Podge would help the glitter stick to the word.)  I would skip the Mod Podge if I did this again.
I painted and let it dry twice, then used straight Mod Podge and painted the word then put a lot of fuchsia glitter on it.
I bought a hair straightener from ebay, but couldn’t find one there that was inexpensive to link to. Here’s a link to one I found on Aliexpress. https://tinyurl.com/yarjb7wn   These tools work really well to straighten ribbon, just don’t leave it on the ribbon or it will melt it. I clamp it then let go, move a little, clamp it, and let go, and so on until the ribbon is straight.
I bought a bag of resin hearts on Aliexpress and here’s the link: https://tinyurl.com/y7wuluw9 then used my Touch Five markers to color them. The set of 168 Touch Five markers are now $62.04 at Ebay and here’s a link to them. https://tinyurl.com/ycwqo3wx
I made a book where I swatched them out by color family and use it whenever I’m trying to match something like the ribbon.
I bought Cosmic Shimmer glitter glue to glue on spots of glitter that didn’t adhere to the word LOVE and on some XO letters I die cut, but didn’t use in the project. The glue came from CraftChameleon.com.
I used fuchsia glitter and pressed it into the wood to ensure it stuck and any place that didn’t, I first put more Mod Podge on, then resorted to the Cosmic Shimmer Glue if the Mod Podge didn’t work.. Once it was dry, I used Krylon Workable Fixative to seal the glitter in. I used a bottle of glitter from Stampin’ Up, so you’ll need a lot for covering a word this size (only on the front and inside.)
I tied a white ribbon and tied it to the loops on the back of LOVE and then hot glued them to the back of the frame so the word dangles in the center of the opening of the frame.
I tied the large fuchsia bow and then hot glued it to the top right corner of the frame and then let it fall “naturally” along the sides of the frame and glued it in a few spots to allow it to stay.
I glued two of the hearts I’d colored to the bottom center of the frame and one white one (with no coloring).

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