I made a video today…YAY!  I was starting to feel a little bit burned out making cards, and played with the Paper Pumpkin kit I was sent from Stampin’ Up, and I felt rejuvenated using their supplies.  I didn’t get a lot of stamps, and I guess it allowed me to think outside the box and boy did I…The kit included gift card holders, and I wasn’t thrilled with using them for that particular purpose, so came up with something totally unusual…And I showed a very intricate die, and a great way to use it that doesn’t involve removing paper from a hundred little slots.  I really enjoyed the process and hope you do too.

It’s supposed to start drizzling here tonight and continue for almost a week…If that happens, I might be limited to the kinds of videos I can make.  My wrists and hands don’t enjoy drizzle, so we’ll power through by playing with some new and different ideas.  I’m looking forward to it..(not the drizzle, the alternative ideas.)

2 thoughts on “2/5/2019

  1. I’m brand new to your blog, and I just want to say how much I enjoy that you use stamps from lots of different companies. The cards I’ve seen are great, keep it up!


    1. Thanks Sandy. I love talking to viewers, and you can always email me at saundralparker@yahoo.com. If you have any techniques or issues you’d like me to cover in a video, please let me know, as I’m happy to try new ideas. Do you have a favorite stamp company, or do you (like me) try lots of different brands. I do have a few I really enjoy….pegstamps.com for decorating almost all of my envelopes and for a few cards, TheTonStamps.com for their really pretty floral backgrounds, and Altenew for their floral stamp sets..I have a lot of older Stampin’ Up sets because when I first started watching YouTube videos, it seemed like the only stamps I saw online were from Stampin’ Up. And I don’t get rid of my older stamps because if I liked them enough to buy them back then, I still enjoy them. Plus you can almost always find the retired stamp sets from Stampin’ Up on Ebay, so I know my viewers can find a set if they like it in my videos…


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