I’ve been having so much fun making the “purse to hold a manicure set and two bottles of nail polish from the Dollar Tree.  I’ve made a few mistakes that I’ve had to rectify, and some that I decided to leave in place, like gluing the decorative paper on backwards (it’s double sided)…I could have cut a new piece, scored it, and glued it down, but decided to throw in the towel since I’d already made that same mistake one other time..

I need to add more closures.  I put a strong magnet at the top, thinking it would be strong enough to keep it closed, but unfortunately, it doesn’t.  I’d ordered some small round self-adhesive Velcro from Aliexpress in white, and my decorative paper has white circles on it, so I’m hoping it arrives soon and then I’ll be able to add a circle on either side to hold it closed.

When I put the holders for the polishes and manicure set inside, I thought about a way to use the “purse” that might be even more useful.  I think I’m going to glue a piece of clear plastic to the inside of the purse and then you can lay it flat, put your hand on it, and paint your nails.  The plastic will keep the purse protected and give you a nice surface to paint on….That’s my thought so far, and I’m hoping it looks OK once I’ve finished it.  I am really happy that a viewer asked me to make the set, as I love making different products than simply cards….and when I was in the Dollar Tree, buying the supplies, I found a set of bath gel, body cream and maybe shampoo (can’t remember the third product)..It’s in it’s own clear plastic packaging, and I thought it would be fun to either surround the products with decorative paper, or make a  “purse” for them.  I haven’t decided which I think would be best….What are your thoughts?   I have several viewers that donate things to nursing homes and to their churches, and I think both of these ideas would be perfect (and inexpensive) to donate.

Once you see the purse video, you’ll realize how simple it is to make, and I hope a lot of you give it a try.  I’m going to try to make the bath set even simpler, so you can mass produce them for gifts or craft fairs.  In this case, the set would only cost a dollar, plus whatever papers and cardboard you’ll use…so it will be really inexpensive..YAY!  I love making projects that are easy and won’t break the bank…If you have any requests, something you’d like me to make, please let me know, and I’d be more than happy to give it a try..

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