I’ve had one of those days where you smack yourself on the head and say “what was I thinking?”  I normally get a few emails from friends on a daily basis.  The last couple of weeks I haven’t been getting any.  I thought maybe they were busy, or not feeling well, but it never occurred to be to check spam.  How could I be that dumb?  It wasn’t like it was one person…it was every individual that sends me emails…Of course I got the stupid sales pitches from every crafty store I’ve ever visited, but nothing personal.  I should have thought about it logically, but apparently logic went out the window.  Fortunately, one of my friends was smart enough to put a note on my blog, and THAT forwarded to email…and then my brain kicked in.  I feel idiotic, and I know I hurt some feelings and that just devastates me….I went to spam and found all of the emails and responded to them and made my apologies, but still….shouldn’t it have occurred to me?  Geez!!

I’m almost finished with my manicure “purse.”  But I need to decorate the front and wish I’d get the Velcro I ordered, but we all know how these things work.  You get the things you really want, last.  I did however, get a lovely ballerina die yesterday.  What do I need a ballerina die for?  I have no idea, as I don’t think I ordered it..It’s the mysteries of being me.  You know I’ll be going back through my orders to figure out if I did order it, and if so, what the heck was I thinking?  I’ll let you know if I did order it….and then we’ll all scratch our heads about my sanity…

2 thoughts on “2/8/2019

  1. Again, you gave me a chuckle. What’s been happening to me the past few years is sometimes I have a memory and I think “did that really happen or did I dream that?” Just a few weeks ago, on the weekend, Greg got up early to go fat tire biking at Presque Isle. He said goodbye to me and I dozed back off. When I work up, I called him and said, “didn’t you come back after saying good-bye and tell me that you drove around our neighborhood and decided not to go bike riding because it was too cold?” He said, “uh no, I’m at Presque Isle now and I just got done bike riding.” I don’t even know what’s reality and what’s a dream sometimes, LOL! Similarly, my coworker and I were sharing a joke and I told her she should re-tell it to one of the attorneys who has a great sense of humor, and she said, “I think he was there when we were talking about it the first time.” Well, of course, I chalked it up to my inability to remember reality from dreams, and when I asked him, he said “no, I never heard that story.” So she and I got a good laugh out of the fact that the same thing is happening to her. She’s a great friend with a terrific sense of humor and we always says if one of us retires (she’s 3 years younger than me), the other one will be lost. Oh, and when we have to proofread legal documents together, we both have to dig our “cheaters” out of our desks, ha-ha.


    1. Loved your stories, and makes me feel like I’m not the only one whose a little bit nuts. I was on the phone with Cathy the other day and mentioned something she’d told me last week, and she said ‘Wait, who told you that?” and I said, “You did.” and she said “I didn’t know that so how could I have told you…..so I said, “Since I don’t talk to anyone else but you, how would I know that and she said…you must have made it up… Our conversations go like that now more often than not…I’m pretty sure we’re both losing it.


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