I decided I had to finish the manicure set “purse,” so went to Joann’s, and bought Velcro, then came home and put the final touches on it.  Then I watched the video clips to write notes for Rich for his editing.  And that’s when I found some serious boo boos….I just got a new video camera a couple of months ago, that has a remote and a great screen, so I can make sure I’m always in screen…I’m so used to not having access to what’s really on screen, that I didn’t look at it….and that was a HUGE mistake….I had videos where almost everything I did was not on screen, and then other clips where I had zoomed in to show a ruler, then forgot to zoom back out, so it was not only fuzzy but also, again, out of frame.  I had to re-video  lot and then I realized when I did the new video, I forgot to turn on the microphone, so did it again.  I can’t tell you how sometimes when doing videos, when it rains, it definitely pours.  I think I worked out most of the bugs and tomorrow Rich will do the editing and we’ll put it on YouTube.  I really like this project and hope he can piece together the video so others can follow my directions…

Tomorrow I think I’ll either work on my art journal or play with another monthly kit.  I’m not sure which one gives me the most inspiration, and I’ll decide in the morning.  I’d really like to do something that truly inspires me, like the manicure kit…that was challenging and fun, and I really felt like I was making something useful…I’m hoping viewers give me more ideas for things they’d like me to make.  I definitely enjoyed the challenge, and right now, a break from card making is a welcome relief.  One of my friends makes cards for her church, and she’s making over 130 birthday cards for the month.  That’ amazing, and I wish I had the inspiration to do that, but I’m getting a little burned out on cards and want to try some new things.

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