DIY Dollar Tree Manicure Gift Set

Let me apologize in advance for being out of screen for so much of this video.
One of my viewers asked me to make a gift holder for a Dollar Tree manicure set. I used:
1. Wet and Wild Base Coat and one color of nail polish in a squarish type bottle (you need to use this style of bottle if you want it to fit in the box we’re creating)
2. Dollar Tree’s manicure set that has no packaging, but is plastic wrapped
3. Sassy & Chic Nail Grooming Kit-make sure you buy the one with the butterfly nail files.

I used the back cardboard from a paper pad for this project.
The measurements for the nail polish bottle holders (and you’ll need to make two of these) is 4 1/2″ long and 1 3/4″ tall. Score on the 4 1/2″ length at 1 1/4″, 2″, 3 1/4, and 4″….again you’ll need two of these. Cut decorated cardstock the same size and score it in the same places.
The manicure set is 6″ x 1 3/4″ tall scored on the 6″ length at 1 7/8″, 2 3/4″, 4 5/8″, 5 1/2″ …cut and score a piece of cardstock the same size to cover it. To apply the cardstock, I put tear tape on either side of every one of my score lines and one the ends, then add wet glue (I used Tombow Mono Glue.) and make sure you lay it so the scores are matching (the cardboard and decorated paper). Once the paper is adhered, you’ll want to put glue on the underneath of the small end flap and make sure that end flap is on the outside of the box, then put a clothespin on it to hold it until the glue sets. Then put lines of tear tape over the back where the flap is…take the backing off and I lined my three boxes up so they are side by side and they should be right above the second score line fro the bottom…You want to make sure that when the box is closed, the bottles will sit flat on the bottom.
To make the case, you’ll need to cut the cardboard to 12″ long and 5 1/4″ tall. Score it on the 12″ length at 5 3/8″, 9 5/8″ and 10 3/4″. Cut and score two sheets of decorated paper to match as you’ll cover the front and back with it... I rounded the top corners above the 10 3/4″ score on the cardboard and paper…I use the Kadomaruo Pro corner rounder from Amazon and love it.
I put rows of tear tape on the box on either side of every score line and add extra rows at the top and bottom and in the middle section the has a lot of tear tape as we’re learning our boxes against it. I did the same on both sides of the cardboard..
I put ribbon under the top of the box (on the outside,) as I had issues when I tried putting it under the inside paper of the box and had to remove put it under the paper on the outside of the box in the same spot as before and that worked.
I put a lot of tear tape on the backs of my boxes and on their sides so they are glued together then centered them inside the box and adhered them.
I bought Velcro from Joanns that were small circles, and laid one over the magnet that didn’t work and put one on either side lined up so they are on the same level as the magnet, but close to the outer edge.
I cut acetate 4 1/4″ tall by 5 1/4″ wide. I thought I could use tear tape on it, but you can really see it through the plastic, and eventually used Beacon Fabri Tac to hold it in place, as the Tombow Mono Aqua didn’t hold it after it was dry.
I bought a nail grooming kit for the nail file that fit in my kit.  I took a piece of 90# cardstock instead of cardboard 2 3/4″ wide by 1 3/4″ tall and score it on the 2 3/4″ length at 7/8″ and 1″ and 1 7/8″ and 2″…do the same for decorator paper the same size and same scores, then put tear tape on either side of the scores, then add wet glue to it and adhere both together with the tab on the outside (this tab is much longer than the others…put glue under the end tab and glue it down and put the nail file in it and then put tear tape on the back and glue it into the box on the flap the is the top of the box on the inside…
I bought ribbon at Joanns for $1 from Wyla and glued it with Fabri Tac glue from Beacon then added another thin layer of ribbon over it and added butterfly stickers from the Dollar Tree.

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