I’m going into the craft room and work on my art journal.  I think I’m going to do a butterfly and then fill it in with ripped pieces of napkin and Mod Podge it in place…or maybe I won’t…So far that’s my plan though.  Rich is editing the video of the manicure set.  I love it and hope you do too.

Did I tell you that we had another weird bear incident?  I’m pretty sure I talked about the bird feeder that disappeared and it’s shepherd’s hook was bent in half (giving us a pretty good idea that a bear took it–either that, or a really strong squirrel.)  Rich and I looked all over our yard for the bird feeder and it was gone.  It’s bright yellow so you’d think it would be easy to spot..A couple days later (maybe even the next day, ) the bird feeder showed up, in the middle of our back yard.  There’s no way we would have missed it when we were looking…wasn’t that considerate of the bear….Eat the contents and return the feeder?  Weird.

Yesterday morning, I got up and we had snow that covered our patio.  You could see all kinds of tiny bird foot prints (paws? no, I think they’re feet)….That’s beside the point…I looked at the middle of the patio that is 12 feet from front to back and about 21 feet wide. In the middle, but closer to the house, so let’s say at least six feet from the grass, there was one big foot print with claws on it.  Big like a man’s foot.  And no other big footprints in sight  So did the bear hop on one foot…or jump in and jump out on one foot?  It’s weird…That bear definitely gives me things to consider.   Next time I am going to either video tape or photograph the mystery, so you can see what I’m talking about.  I know I sound dumb…like the bird feeder could have been returned by a neighbor, but wouldn’t you think a neighbor would put it on our patio (that’s not enclosed), or on our front porch (also not enclosed), instead of depositing it in the middle of our back yard?  I know it sounds odd that I think an animal returned it, but so far, it’s the only explanation that makes sense….As for the foot print, could it be a bear missing a leg?  I’ve never heard of one in our area, but you never know…So now I’m on a quest to find a three legged bear that’s super considerate, returning the bird feeder after he/she is done with it, or a Sasquatch aka BigFoot….either are fairly reasonable conclusions (for a crazy person.)

Maybe I should stick to talking about crafts, but where’s the fun in that?

2 thoughts on “2/11/2019

  1. Like so many of your blogs, this one made me laugh out loud at the “considerate” three legged bear. Our neighbor has a motion camera in his back yard and it took a photo 2 years of ago of a bear getting into their bird feeder at night. It is so funny because the bear is looking right at the camera with an expression of “who me?” If bears can look guilty, this one sure did.


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